Wellness Package








What’s Included



Our horses, like athletes, require consistent care to maintain their health and performance, especially when they’re undergoing training or participating in competitions. Regular bodywork sessions are crucial for addressing any imbalances early on and preventing them from developing into more serious issues or injuries.

Even if your horse isn’t actively competing and is simply enjoying retirement or serving as a pasture companion, they still benefit greatly from a regular bodywork regimen. Consistent massage therapy promotes better blood circulation, reduces muscle pain and stiffness, and enhances the function of connective tissues.


When enrolled in a monthly membership the sessions are transferable between all of your horses. Plus unlimited add on sessions are available year round at 20% off the individual session price.

We understand that life can be hectic! Your monthly session stays active in your account for an entire calendar year. So fit them in whenever your schedule allows.


Travel fee may apply depending on your horses location as a separate charge.

Accrued sessions expire one year from the month of the charge.

You can cancel your account at any time. The balance of sessions will be available until their assigned expiration date. Once canceled you will no longer be able to receive the discounted rate for add on sessions.

This program is best suited for horses within a 2 hour drive of the Eureka/Kalispell area of Montana.